The Northern Suburbs Rail project presents an exciting opportunity for urban renewal and development in a major region of Hobart. To date, the project has been assessed in a rationalist passenger transport only approach without considering the wider benefits from land use improvements and economies of agglomeration. Maintaining the rail link between Hobart and Bridgewater should also be considered strategically by maintaining the rail freight link to the working port of Hobart and Risdon industrial precinct.

Maintaining rail access to the Hobart waterfront for tourist/heritage rail operators is also an overlooked benefit given the growing tourism economy. Increasing public transport patronage could also negate more expensive capacity increases to the parallel Brooker Hwy.

Despite the single track railway, strategically located passing loops could allow movement of up to 1,000 people in each direction every 12 minutes.

A solution to Hobart's traffic troubles.

Our video overviews highlight the traffic problems affecting residents in Hobart's northern suburbs, and an outline for a clean, efficient transport future for our city.


Hobart is the only capital city in Australia without passenger rail. Listen to one resident who's had enough. She's one of many thousands who want to see railway services restored between Hobart City and the major feeder area of Glenorchy City.


It should be rolling. The tracks are there, the traffic jams are there, but according to the State Government its "a good idea whose time has yet to come".  Get on board our light rail for a tour through the northern suburbs of Hobart. You know it makes sense.